rōzumarī saṃsāra (born rosemary kikon, in kohima, northeast india) graduated from delhi university, hong kong university of science & technology and ruhr-universität bochum, germany. she worked with several NGOs and INGOs but at 40 her destiny ferried her to copenhagen where she studied physical theater at the commedia school and she recycled herself into an artist with a unique female tribal fair.


joker & rainbow of desires (2010) adrian jackson, cardboard citizens (london, england)

improv theater (2010), keith johnstone, clamotta Kölner improschule (cologne, germany)

basics of improv (2009), rich cox, bats school of improv (san francisco, usa)

civilian conflict transformation (2005), forumzfd (bonn, germany)

scene study course (2002), the acting project (montreal, canada)